5G ORU Open Radio Unit


The 5G/4G Open Radio Unit reference platform has been designed using low-power, high-performance and logic-intensive Intel’s Arria® 10 SoC processor to create customized radio solutions with 4T4R (Four Transmit and Four Receive) in either Time Division Duplex (TDD) or Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) communication radio link having a tunable range of 600MHz to 6GHz, with a 200Mhz signal bandwidth (oBW) per antenna.

The Radio card is designed to support Intel’s Arria® 10 SX 320/480 SoCs with 1GB of on board HPS DDR4 Memory, 2GB of on board DDR4 FPGA memory and also hosts a 1Gbps Ethernet interface, a USB to Uart interface and two optical QSFP ports with each channel capable of 10Gbps with a total transfer rate of 40Gbps. The clock architecture supports both 1588 v2 PTP as well as CPRI based clock recovery along with 1PPS/10MHz Clock for external synchronization input references.

The 5G/4G Open Radio Unit JDM product reference platform also provides support for IJ5 Series Samtec Board to Board connector for external adapter board & another Board to Board connector for external SD card boot flash for A10 SOC. The solution comes with a diagnostic BSP reference example.

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