ASIC Evaluation Board Design

ASIC evaluation board

Custom ASIC Evaluation Board Design for the Semiconductor Market

The ASIC reference board helps semiconductor engineers test the integrity of the design.

Featuring X1 edge inference accelerator, board offers the most efficient AI inference acceleration for advanced edge AI workloads such as Yolov5. The boards are optimized for large models and megapixel images at batch=1. This provides customers with the high-performance, low-power object detection and other high-resolution image processing capabilities needed for edge servers and industrial vision systems.

X1 HBA is a PCIe form factor, Low Profile Half Length PCIe card. It functions as data manager and can be installed in servers.

X1 HBA System consists of designing the interface between X1, DDR4 and PCIe edge finger, along with all the peripherals that are needed which includes DDR4, UART, FT2232H USB chip etc. The X1 ASIC will also be connected with other boards having X1 chip through GPIO connector.