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  • For hardware development take ideas from white board to Hardware concept, lay product architecture and select components to deliver robust systems that are efficient and low powered. Evaluate and document all system design approaches (25%).
  • Debug and bring up newly assembled Printed Circuit Boards from prototyping to manufacturing. Make use of debugging tools such as JTAG to troubleshoot existing and new boards (30 %).
  • Monitor product development cycle to ensure the product functionalities match the initial product specification (15 %).
  • Use schematic capture to make electronics systems built with discrete and analog components for cohesive and low powered applications. Applications entailing LVS/DRC, Extraction and Analog/Digital Co-design and Simulation Analysis (20 %).
  • Supervise PCB Layout and interact with PCB/Assembly designers to determine PCB stack-up, apply design constraints, perform component placement and signal routing and DFM. Assist engineering team to perform signal integrity and power integrity analysis, and release fab and assembly package (10 %).


Tools: C/C++ languages, Matlab, Simulation tools (Altera, Xilinx ISE8.1i and ModelSim).

Minimum Education: Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Minimum Experience: Six (6) months. Must have completed coursework in C/C++ languages, Matlab, Simulation tools (Altera, Xilinx ISE8.1i and ModelSim).

Job Site: Santa Clara, CA.

Please send resumes referencing the aforementioned job title and reference number to Whizz Systems, Inc., 3240 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054.

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