Complete Box Build EMS Service

Complete Box Build EMS

Complete Box Build EMS Service

Whizz systems offers comprehensive EMS services, including PCB design, prototyping, PCB Assembly and complete box build ems assembly and test services. Our turnkey solutions extend to product procurement, panel wiring, electrical cabling, conformal coating and functional testing.

We specialize in manufacturing a range of sub-assemblies, including Electro-Mechanical Assembly and machined parts as well as PCBs within mechanical housings. We offer complete integration services ranging from procurement and warehousing to shipping. Our industrial, medical and commercial box build assembly services help OEMs save system integration cost and time. We have dedicated work cells and private production capabilities to focus on customer specific needs and privacy/security concerns.

Functional testing can be performed using our custom designed test fixtures or customer provided test fixtures. All assemblies produced at Whizz Systems comply with industry standards, including ISO 9001, 14001, RoHS, ITAR