Edge Device Sensors Design Internet Of Things

Whizz systems experienced team of engineers can provide turnkey solutions and services, for edge device implementations for your IOT requirements. Our teams have hands-on experience in developing edge devices that support a multitude of communications protocols including,

– Bluetooth, BLE

– Wifi

– Thread

– Zigbee



These devices are implemented on a variety of Microcontrollers and Microprocessors including

– Artik 020, Artik7

– Dialog 14583, 14681

– Atmega48PN

– Cypress FM4

– Silicon Labs EFR32BG13 based chips.

– STM32 based microcontrollers


We have experience in sensor integrations with VOC, Grid-Eye, Temperature, Humidity, Ambient light, color sensor, utilizing a wide variety of buses including UART, I2C, SPI, DALI and others. Our expertise allows edge devices to work under various constraints related to data bandwidth, battery life, or computing cycles.