Edge Devices – IoT

Whizz systems experienced team of engineers can provide turnkey solutions and services, for edge device implementations for your IOT requirements. Our teams have hands-on experience in developing edge devices that support a multitude of communications protocols including,

– Bluetooth, BLE

– Wifi

– Thread

– Zigbee


These devices are implemented on a variety of Microcontrollers and Microprocessors including

– Artik 020, Artik7

– Dialog 14583, 14681

– Atmega48PN

– Cypress FM4

– Silicon Labs EFR32BG13 based chips.

– STM32 based microcontrollers


Our team has experience in Edge Devices:  sensor integrations with VOC, Grid-Eye, Temperature, Humidity, Ambient light, color sensor, utilizing a wide variety of buses including UART, I2C, SPI, DALI and others. Our expertise allows edge devices to work under various constraints related to data bandwidth, battery life, or computing cycles.