Electronic Manufacturing Assembly Services Details

We offer consigned and turnkey production assembly services from small to large sized production orders. We are also a good fit for customers whose orders are large enough to require more than prototype capabilities, but not large enough to require the attention of large CMs. We produce parts either locally in California, USA, for small to mid-sized orders or off shore for high volume electronics manufacturing assembly services.

We have the tools to manage production builds of various sizes, ranging from a few boards to thousands. While we are cost competitive, we deliver only the highest quality products to our customers. Additionally, we have experience handling a board level product and system level products that involve box builds. We also handle any custom cables, packaging and contents that go along in the final packaging. We can ship a fully functional product directly to your distribution center or end customer if required.


Electronic Manufacturing Assembly Services in Malaysia

For our customers with higher volume production and price point goals, our facility in Malaysia and other Tier 2 offshore partnerships allow us to successfully fulfill those electronic manufacturing assembly service needs. Our dedicated offshore QC and technical support team not only keeps high quality intact, but their expertise minimizes offshore risks. We address the overall product-build plan during the design phase, and refine the design accordingly, achieving the best yields while keeping overall costs low for high volume manufacturing.