Embedded Technology

Under the brand name RhinoLabs, Whizz systems offers embedded technology products and services.

RhinoLabs is not merely a service provider but a full solution provider.

The combination of our system integration expertise in Windows Embedded and embedded Linux solutions with manufacturing capabilities from our parent company is a winning solution to any of our customers’ needs in regards to any and all stages of their embedded designs, from development to deployment.

RhinoLabs provides tightly Integrated Compute Element (iCE) Modules and reference designs that include hardware from TI, Freescale, Cavium, and Xilinx, plus the operating system and the board support package necessary to speed up product development. Combined with our expertise in turnkey software development and packaged services, this reference product offers our customers:


Embedded Technology Expertise


  • Significant time-to-market advantage
  • Flexible interface for easy evaluation
  • Quick development solutions for prototype