End of Life Components & Materials (EOL)

EOL, End of Life Components & Materials

Whizz Systems provides expert End of Life support services for components and EOL for Materials. We will work with you to minimize component depreciation risks and strategically work toward keeping a legacy program alive far beyond product expected life cycles.

We have access to available inventories all over the world and guarantee quality while preventing counterfeit parts. We also work with many Fortune 500 companies to provide a wide range of value-added products and services including:

Global Sourcing of Components & Materials

We can find just about any electronic component that you need.

Reliability of Components & Materials

You can rely on us to deliver the components or materials you need, when you need it.

Value-Added Services for EOL

Whizz Systems offers a wide variety of Value-Added Services. Whether you need electronic design services, fpga programming or assembly contract manufacturing we can help.

EOL Services Include:

  • Evaluate your bill of material life cycle risks
  • End of life notifications service
  • Buy management
  • Predictive life cycle modeling
  • Multiple sources to create competitive tension and reduce single source risk.