Q. What type of electronic PCB assembly services do you offer?

A. We provide services in four areas: Our core service is Automated Surface Mount and Manual Through-hole Assembly. We also provide Custom Cable and Harness Assemblies, Build-to-Spec Test Boxes/Equipment racks, and Electronic Rework and Repair.

Q. How many PCB assembly lines do you have?

Q. What information do you need to quote a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly?

Q. Are you doing lead-free builds?

Q. What is ‘low to medium volume’ for Whizz Systems?

Q. Can you place ball grid arrays (BGAs) and chip-scale components?

Q. Can you apply conformal coatings?

Q. What standard are you building your products to?

Q. Can you functionally test the printed circuit board assemblies?

Q. Who is part of your customer base?