FPGA Development and FPGA Prototyping

Custom IP Development

FPGA Development and FPGA Prototyping

With extensive experience in advanced FPGA design services, Whizz Systems FPGA development and FPGA prototyping services include:

  • Micro-architecture Development
  • Data-paths
  • Control design
  • Clock, memory and other key FPGA resource planning
  • RTL Coding
  • Design partitioning and coding
  • RTL Verification
  • Verification environment and simulation test case specifications and development
  • Running test cases, code coverage and problem resolution to golden RTL
  • FPGA Implementation
  • Pin out design, timing and other implementation constraint development
  • Synthesis, placement and route and FPGA programming bit stream generation
  • In System Testing and Debugging
  • Hardware/Software integration and in-system testing and debugging

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