material sourcing & procurement for
electronic manufacturing

Material Sourcing Procurement photo

Through our world class supply chain partners, we provide global sourcing, materials management and logistics tailored to meet your electronic manufacturing unique needs.

Issues that our dedicated project manager facilitate:

  • Identify 2nd and 3rd sources for developing BOM
  • Facilitate critical sourcing issues with procurement groups
  • Pre-screen preliminary BOM for invalid/obsolete components
  • Analyze the potential impact of new revisions of components
  • Coordinate design team, evolving BOMs, suppliers, and supply chain teams
  • Established on-shore and off-shore supply chain
  • Optimize unit cost by facilitating architectural and sourcing trade-offs
  • Facilitate the timely obtaining of material unit cost data
  • Lead time reduction by synchronizing supply and demand and (VMI)

We have developed sophisticated tools to help manage our inventory, generate customized reports, handle MRP functions and manage our proto and production builds. Coupled with our capability to add new functions, improvements and customer required formats to our MRP system, we also work with engineering BOMS without part numbers, and produce a production BOM with specs for all parts chosen with your approval.

We have an extensive inventory of commonly used parts in-house, and are closely tied with Tier 1 distributors and brokers all over the world to get the parts in time for quick turns. This is what makes us cost competitive and cost-efficient.