Rework & Engineering Change Order (ECO)

Whizz Systems is well known for its ability and receptive attitude towards reworking assemblies. Whether the rework is simple or difficult, caused by a faulty component or an Engineering Change Order (ECO), we are ready. We understand that it is difficult and stressful to deal with these types of issues. Rather than paying more to scrap and rebuild, Whizz will offer you a rework solution that is effective and cost-efficient.

In one instance of rework, we received failed units from a customer’s field. We took the boards apart and installed a number of cuts and jumpers in order to repair a serious layout error discovered after the boards were completed at an offshore facility. Though this rework was tedious and demanding, we shipped back the functional assemblies, ready for installation within weeks. We constantly provide these kinds of services to many manufacturers, service centers, major electronics retailers and repair centers.

Whizz supports all of your rework requirements with quick turnaround.

Routinely Supported Items:

  • Through-hole or SMT Rework
  • CO Implementation
  • Cuts and Jumpers
  • Components Soldering/Desoldering
  • BGA Removal and Replacement or ReBalling
  • Incrementally populating/depopulating boards
  • Custom adaptors to address different pin-outs