Sensor Networking – IoT

  • Our flagship Sensor Network solution integrates lighting control infrastructure to assist in the reduction of energy at our clients’ facilities and provide detailed insights into lighting usage patterns. The solution consists of custom edge devices integrated with various sensors and utilizing underlying BLE Mesh SIG models for lighting, Thread communication system and WIFI. Our Management Gateways control and provision the end devices for easy management of a facilities’ lighting system operations. Complementing these devices are custom Android and iOS App for provisioning and management.

Our firmware team has expertise in the design of cutting-edge solutions involving Sensor Networks. The Whizz team has developed embedded solutions, on standalone bare-metal frameworks, RTOS based and Linux Operating Systems, for a variety of microcontrollers and microprocessors. Our Sensor Network based solutions provide reliability, security, easy provisioning and onboarding, as well as high speed communications frameworks. All of our solutions have been built using the following Sensor Network Protocols

o             BLE-Mesh

o             Thread

o             Zigbee

o             LoRaWAN