Flying Probe Test Services for electronic manufacturing

TEST Services (Flying Probe, ICT, FCT, Burn-In)

Testing is a very important aspect of a successful product launch. That is why we pay special attention to the test details during the design phase. During the design phase, we will maximize the test point coverage. We will give you the report of all the nets that are not being covered, so that we can cover those nets in a functional test.

We have several testing options in-house, and will offer you the right choice depending on your product plan.

The following are some of the test options we offer.

Flying Probe Test Services

Flying Probe Test Services
The production line of electronic board with microchip.The electronics board production process.

We have a brand new Seica S40 Pilot LX Tester in-house. It is an extra large flying probe system well-suited to test any type of electrical board on any type of production run from a single board to a high volume of boards. The 24’x24” board area is particularly suited to larger PCBs. Our tester features a full suite of test capabilities, ranging from the simple MDA testing of passive components to complete, powered up in-circuit and functional analog tests, static and dynamic digital tests and vectorless testing, boundary scan and custom techniques and OpenFix vectorless testing methods. The system is equipped with two high resolution CCD cameras for performing tasks such as the automatic centering of the board, optical inspection of component placement and the creation of digitized images of the UUT.

The advantage of the flying probe test is that it has a small up front NRE expense, because it does not require a test fixture. The disadvantage is that it takes longer than ICT test, so the test cost per board is higher than ICT test. We will recommend the right test plan based on your build quantities.

In Circuit Testing – ICT Test

For high volume production runs, this is the correct choice. We will develop the program and fixture for all of your ICT test requirements. Although the NRE expense on this test is much higher, the ROI for production boards will be easily shown when you compare the speed and cost per board with those of the flying probe test.

Functional Test

We have the engineering capability and a proven track record to develop a functional test for your product. We can also utilize your own test procedure, plan and set up. Our functional test plans range from simple GO/NO-GO tests to very detailed testing where each register and each function is tested with memory read-writes.

We will provide you these detailed test results to further improve the future yields of similar products in your product family. We can also automate the test setup to improve the test efficiency and lower your test cost.

Burn-In Test Services

We also offer burn-in services. Burn-In can be a simple power on burn-in to temperature cycling and stress test.