World Class Engineering/Manufacturing

  • Dedicated, multi-disciplinary engineering teams offer significant industry-specific expertise with the ability to prototype, optimize, and increase production volume.
  • Complete product lifecycle services:
    • Design support
    • DFM, DFT, and NPI
    • Volume production
    • Failure analysis and RMA

We provide stringent IP protection throughout our operations to ensure that each customer’s intellectual property is safeguarded.

Engineering System Design and Manufacturing

Whizz helps clients design and manufacture complex systems across a wide range of technologies. We are experts in high-speed digital networking and communications systems. This includes the vertical integration of PCA, optical modules, components, and optical interconnect communication.

We also manufacture a wide range of equipment for lasers including photonics and units for power and control. Our medical manufacturing services include precision laser and optic applications as well as laboratory instrumentation. For every varied application, Whizz provides world-class support through a range of services; from new product introduction to full turnkey supply chain management.

The coordination of expertise for electronic manufacturing is essential. Key tasks include:

DESIGN: This is the process of creating the schematic and layout of the PCB, as well as selecting the components and materials. The design must consider the functional requirements, performance specifications and cost constraints of the application. It must also optimize the thermal profile by minimizing heat sources, maximizing heat dissipation and avoiding thermal gradients.

ENGINEERING: This is the process of developing and testing the prototype of the electronic product, as well as validating its functionality, reliability and compliance. The engineering must verify that the design meets the expectations and standards of the application. It must also optimize the thermal profile by adjusting the solder paste composition, the soldering equipment settings and the soldering process parameters.

PRODUCTION: This is the process of mass producing the electronic product, as well as inspecting and packaging it. The production must ensure that the quality, consistency and efficiency of the manufacturing process are maintained. It must also optimize the thermal profile by monitoring the temperature, the time and the speed of the soldering process.

QUALITY CONTROL: This is the process of checking and verifying the quality, reliability and performance of the electronic product, as well as identifying and resolving any defects, failures or rework. The quality control must ensure that the product meets or exceeds the requirements, specifications and expectations of the application. It must also optimize the thermal profile by measuring, analyzing and reporting the temperature data, the solder joint quality and the component functionality.

Thermal Profile Optimization for Electronic Manufacturing Engineering

The optimization of thermal profile for electronic manufacturing is vital, as it determines the outcome, the success and the profitability of the electronic product.
Some of the benefits of a proper thermal profile are:

  • Reduced defects: A proper thermal profile can prevent or minimize common defects such as cold solder joints, tombstoning, bridging, voiding, cracking and delamination.
  • Improved reliability: A proper thermal profile can enhance or maintain the mechanical strength, the electrical conductivity and the thermal stability of the solder joints and the components.
  • Increased performance: A proper thermal profile can optimize or improve the functionality, the efficiency and the durability of the electronic product.


Complex electronic manufacturing is a balancing act of materials, expertise and thermal profile that requires a high level of skill, knowledge and precision. By selecting
the right materials, coordinating the expertise and optimizing the thermal profile, Whizz Systems can achieve high yields for both large and small PCBs, as well as deliver quality, reliable and performant electronic products to our customers.